Your On-Premise Cloud

Pliant Platforms is a next generation cloud service delivery platform that is built on an open source foundation, allowing organizations to scale more effectively, easily integrate existing and emerging technologies, reduce the cost of IT through commoditization and rapidly deploy workloads.

Transform Your Current Enterprise
with Pliant Platforms

Don't Struggle with your cloud decisions, Private, Public, Hybrid or Traditional Enterprise. Transform your Enterprise into a Private Cloud with the Pliant Self-Service Control Plane, securely utilize Public Clouds for certain applications and seamlessly create Hybrid Clouds. Additionally, our catalog of As-a-Service offerings make it easy to deploy cost effective fully managed solutions so that you are able to focus on business, not technology.
Pliant, Transform your Enterprise.


Pliant Platforms is a Fully Integrated, Managed Private Cloud
that provides all the benefits of a Public Cloud
on Your own Secure Private Infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud Realized

Many organizations are beginning to understand the benefits that Hybrid Cloud offers in regards to cost control and flexibility. Pliant quickly allows an organization to extend a virtual cloud management layer above existing virtualization assets, while also enabling disruptive new technologies to reduce costs, improve performance, or add functionality, with little to no impact to the user.

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Easy to Deploy

Pliant Platforms takes all the complexity out of deploying a Private cloud. Pliant can deploy a cloud on your existing infrastructure or we can provide our fully integrated, easy to deploy, infrastructure stack of compute, storage, networking, built-in monitoring, Global self service manager, and zero touch upgrades. Both deployment methods will provide you the plug-and-play simplicity of the Public cloud on your own secure private infrastructure.

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Easy to Manage

Pliant's Global Manager provides control over your entire environment regardless of the size and complexity of your organization. Pliant's Self Service model provides users with on-demand access to shared resources while maintaining policy control.

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Pliant seamlessly integrates with your current environment. Multi-hypervisor management, when it comes to hypervisors, one size may not fit all. vSphere may be a great fit for some workloads, KVM for others. Manage both, Pliant's Global Manager acts as a multi-hypervisor manager without duplicating cost or effort.