CyberAlliance is the Cyber Security Division of Alliance Technology Group. The CyberAlliance team works with you to identify, address & reduce cyber security risks by blending people with industry best practices and processes.

Our experienced Security Practitioners take a vendor agnostic approach to find the best solution for the problem. Our Security Practitioners hold multiple industry certifications and are certified in the tools we use & offer. We have also developed and brought to market multiple purpose built security solutions, including our SentryWire Full Packet Capture Platform.

At our headquarters, we have two testing labs and also a staging environment. These labs give our security practitioners the ability to get hands on experience with the solutions we provide and our staging environment allows us to deliver custom built solutions directly to our customers.


CyberAlliance Key Focus Areas

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Advanced Endpoint

Advanced Vulnerability

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Network Visibility
& Correlation

Risk Management
& Compliance

Emerging Security