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XIV, a high-end storage system based on grid technology

The IBM XIV Storage System is storage reinvented: a revolutionary high-end data storage system based on a disruptive (grid) technology and designed to support key current and future business requirements for a highly available information infrastructure. It is the first single-architecture storage system in the industry. Its unique approach and results usher in a new era for enterprise organizations and their data centers. The IBM XIV brand has been in production in a wide range of enterprise organizations since 2005, bringing outstanding benefits in performance, reliability, power consumption and more.

The development of the IBM XIV Storage System was guided by Moshe Yanai, a leading architect of modern data storage who played a pioneering role in the creation of EMC’s groundbreaking Symmetrix/DMX product line, and today an IBM Fellow. The IBM XIV brand had its origins as an Israeli startup, founded in 2002. The young company devoted three years to developing the unique XIV architecture and put the first customer system (then called “Nextra”) in 2005.

In December 2007, IBM Corporation acquired the company, renaming the product the “IBM XIV Storage System.” The first IBM version of the product was launched publically on September 8, 2008.

IBM XIV Storage System has a rapidly growing installed base worldwide in a multitude of industries, from banks to credit companies to telecom providers, Web 2.0 providers, and government.