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Virtual Tape

Virtual Tape products are easily implemented and offer increased backup and recovery perfromance as well as simplified administration.

Virtua Tape is widely considered to be the easiest answer to simplifying the backup environment. Solutions can easily be implemented because they mimick traditional tape and can scale well past those traditional tape physical limitations. Traditional backup software remains mostly unchanged as the solutions are implemented with additional virtual resources being made available for use. These additional resources add overall performance as well as substantial growth capabilities without the extreme use of data center floorspace, power, or operational resources.

With the addition of replication the process of moving those physical tapes to offsite storage or DR facilities is now made much easier and cost efficient. From an operational perspective the daily cost for the movement of physical media to an offsite storage facility has been completely eliminated. Also, there is a considerable reduction in personnel time and effort spent in managing the physical tape pools which can span multiple physical libraries. Overall administration costs are greatly reduced if not completely eliminated. The operational benefits can also include the traditional manual processes that are now automated – more automated processes translate into less opportunity for manual errors or human intervention. DR and Business Continuance can now be tested or utilized without guessing about resource availability.

Several of the key benefits associated with data deduplication solutions:

  • Reduced Environmental requirements
  • Efficient Replication and Disaster Recovery
  • Faster Backups and more Reliable Data Recovery
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
Alliance Technology Group has been successfully implementing Virtual Tape solutions for over 10 years using solutions from multiple vendors in customer environments that range in size from just a few TBs to many PBs and multiple data centers. These customer’s environments can also have a plethora of equipment and operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mainframe and multiple Unix environments. Every customer has different needs when architecting a Virtual Tape solutuion. Great care and planning is taken to insure that the solution directly responds to the customer’s needs surtrounding daily Backup and Recovery requirements, Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery. All of the designed solutions provide the customer with a definitive path of scalibility and considers needs for future requirements.

When designing virtual tape solutions we have utilized the following manufacturer’s products:

EMC2 IBM Oracle FalconStor Quantum Symantec