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Time and Attendance

Alliance provides Partnered Time and Attendance Solutions.

Alliance Technology Group offers hosted managed services for partnered Time and Attendance for Kronos that helps organizations ease the burden on their in-house IT departments.

Alliance Time and Attendance Solutions are delivered by a veteran team of highly skilled practitioners who works with clients as Trusted Partners to Design and Deliver customer specific Hosted Managed Services Solutions:

  • Includes Application access, Terminal and Windows 2003/2008 server
  • Your application resides on a dedicated network using dedicated hardware
  • Complete control over accessibility rights and privileges to applications and data
  • Universal printer drive configurations
  • Daily database backups and off-site storage of tapes
  • Enterprise level database maintenance for SQL Server 2005/2008R2
  • Operating system maintenance including application of service packs and updates
  • Load balancing of systems (where applicable)
  • Capacity planning, monitoring and management to ensure ample storage space
  • Application management; loading patches, updates, upon customer approval

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