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Storage Resource Utilization

Are you REALLY running out of storage?

Possibly. However there is a very good chance you have considerably more available than you might realize. Often storage space is very over configured and underutilized or utilized inappropriately. Capacity planning is an ongoing effort but a lot of times capacity planning is little more than making sure there is enough room for growth without real focus on how well what you have is being used. All the major storage vendors have tools that will show you utilization statistics but they are often used to tell you how much more you need. What you really need is the expertise to use these tools and others to really look at your environment in a comprehensive way.

Alliance Technology Group has a staff of professionals that are expert in designing, developing, and implementing SANs and tools for managing SANs. These same professionals have the experience to review an existing storage infrastructure and quickly tell you the state of your storage farm.

Our experts will review your environment to measure and document storage utilization (typical disk utilization is in the 30 to 40 percent range), specific and general performance related to storage, and interconnectivity “choke points”.

We will evaluate your storage as to suitability to task, performance, and TCO as well as capacity. We will look at storage methodologies and data placement. We’ll look at how your policies and processes affect your performance and rate of capacity growth requirements.

At the end of our analysis you will have a comprehensive view of your storage farm and its strength and weaknesses so that you can make an informed decision on additional acquisitions, storage consolidation or changes to policies and management.

Now that you have the information necessary to address your storage utilization issues you can begin addressing them or you can engage us to help you through our Storage Optimization or Storage Resource Management services.