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Storage Resource Management

Isn't Storage Resource Management (SRM) a product?

It could be but there is a lot more to Storage Management. Storage Resource Management is defined by Search Storage as the process of optimizing the efficiency and speed by which available drive space is utilized in a storage area network (SAN) and yes, there are products that can help you do that. However, SRM at a holistic level is better addressed by Storage subject matter experts that can help you manage all of your storage resources and the process surrounding them and yes, that could include SRM tools.

Alliance Technology Group has a staff of professionals that are expert in designing, developing, and implementing SANs and tools for managing SANs. These same professionals have the experience to review an existing storage infrastructure and offer suggestions on consolidation, utilization, protection, tuning, and/or acquisition.

Our experts will review your environment to measure and document storage utilization (typical disk utilization is in the 30 to 40 percent range), specific and general performance related to storage, and interconnectivity “choke points”. Additionally, we will identify opportunities for consolidation, improved utilization and we will review current management methodologies and practices.

As part of our service we will provide a full report of your environment. This will include but not be limited to a report that will contain all the information gathered as described above, recommendations regarding performance enhancements, improved utilization and cost saving opportunities. We will make recommendations that consider only your existing infrastructure, your infrastructure with minimal incremental acquisitions of tools and/or products, and a “best case” scenario developed using your infrastructure as a base.