Enterprise Services Staff Augmentation

What company or organization hasn’t needed a different or additional skill set than what might be on staff to fulfill a short term requirement?

Clearly, hiring then subsequently laying off works is not a viable alternative so staff augmentation becomes an attractive alternative. However, there are lots of agencies that will provide you with temporary help. In fact, there are many businesses that are based on that very idea. Isn’t that kind of like hiring off an internet based auction site?

Alliance Technology Group is an organization built around selling solutions to our customer base. Our solutions are multi-vendor solutions and crafted to meet our customer needs rather than making our customer’s needs match what we sell. We are partners with all the major names in IT and provide solutions based on all of them. Our engineers are adept at designing solutions and addressing problems using a broad spectrum of products. Additionally, Alliance provides Consulting Services to design infrastructures, assess existing infrastructures, and resolve issues. And, there is more….

In order to be effective, our engineers need to focus on the business problem in order to apply the correct IT solution. Therefore, it follows that Alliance is not only good at solving IT problems, we are good at solving business problems….and we are.

Alliance uses all these skills and all these resources to help us put the right person at your site to solve your problems based on our experience. Each and every one of the people we put on site as part of your staff has the full skill set, experience and knowledge of Alliance Technology Group behind them. Whether your need is short term or long term, be assured that the people we provide will meet your needs whether it is IT related, general business related or functionally specific such as healthcare, financial, communications, or any one of hundreds of other vertical businesses.