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Designed to reduce data center costs, deployment times and maintenance, the SGI ICE Cube ® is ideal for either supplementing or replacing traditional data center facilities. Modular data centers are also compelling as disaster recovery sites, field deployed compute and storage assets, or even to address temporary spikes in IT demand. With both air and water cooled models available, ICE Cube data centers can be deployed to nearly any location in any environment.

SGI designs the most reliable and energy-efficient servers and storage, coupled with simplified serviceability and management. We focus on the data center as well and make sure all our solutions address power capacity, space constraints and application usage of the modern data center. In today’s world, the data center can be a typical brick-and-mortar building, but also be mobile and modular.

With the SGI ICE Cube®, built around standard ISO 20- and 40-foot shipping containers, we allow mobility. Our Mobirack™ extends this mobility to a smaller footprint. Our new ICE Cube® Air offers a customer the ability to stand up a new data center in weeks versus months and to start as small as an eight-foot container for four racks and expand to data centers of more than four megawatts in power usage. Finally, we offer racks, power solutions, cabinetry, and remote monitoring hardware and software to complete the data center picture.

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