Enterprise Solutions Design

Server Consolidation/ Virtualization

Due to physical constraints, environmental issues, the power of modern servers, and flexibility requirements, server virtualization has gone from a good idea to a necessity.

VMWare is often thought of when server consolidation is discussed but there are other virtualization offerings that should be considered as well. In addition to that, server consolidation and virtualization requires much more than a product to successfully implement.

Alliance has been selling server virtualization and storage virtualization products for a very long time. Our engineers are adept at meeting customer needs with a variety of products. However we can go much deeper. Our engineers are trained on the products we sell and we have an advantage over vendors and our competitors in that we sell virtualization products from multiple vendors. This allows us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Additionally, we know how to combine products for maximum effectiveness.

In addition to understanding the technologies we also have engineers that have installed and implemented various server consolidation and virtualization solutions.

Let our engineers and consultants help you get the most for your money. Let us look at your existing environment and develop solutions that will meet your needs. While others can offer similar services most often they have to make your needs fit their solutions whereas we have the flexibility to offer many different ways to reduce the complexity and stem the growth of your server infrastructure.