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Physical Tape

Physical Tape products and automation are widely accepted as the Data Center standard for Archive, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuance.

Physical Tape is widely considered to be the most conservative answer to providing a company with the means to protect their IT infrastructure. It remains the most tried and true solution for moving data to an Offsite Vault and ensuring that there is a point of recovery. Coupled with automation, physical tape provides a cost effective means of supporting tape operations from an operational standpoint.

Several of the key benefits associated with traditional physical tape solutions:

  • Standardized and accepted method for Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery.
  • Easy means to physically removing media from the Data Center for offsite storage.
Alliance Technology Group has been successfully implementing Physical Tape and Automation solutions for over 10 years designing solutions using multiple vendors. Our customer environments range in size from just a couple of servers to multiple PBs and multiple data centers nationwide. Customer environments can sprawl across the Country and utilize numerous pieces of equipment and operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mainframe environments. Proper input from customer, careful planning and design allow for the best choices and options for where and how the tape environment is architected. Tape vaulting and archiving plays an important role in the overall design and in deciding which physical drives are used for certain applications and requirements. Considerations for faster access or more capacity are closely scrutinized to ensure that the proper drives and media are used.

When designing physical tape and automation solutions we have utilized the following manufacturer’s products:

Quantum IBM hp Oracle