Enterprise Services Analyze


SANS, WANS, NAS, LANS, IP, GigE, Fibre and more – Networking has many flavors and in complex environments there really isn’t a lot between Networking and NOTworking. Yours is undoubtedly working but how well?

Alliance Technology has two groups that work together to provide networking expertise. On the one side we have our IT systems Engineers that design and configure IT solutions that include SAN and NAS architectures including fabrics, switches, etc. We also have a Networking Division totally dedicated to Networking and communications infrastructures. These Engineers carry certifications from leading Networking vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Juniper, Extreme and Brocade. These engineers have extensive backgrounds around networking and network interconnectivity and can analyze and isolate network bottlenecks and assess your readiness for new application and technology deployments.

All these engineers are involved with the design and configuration of various networking solutions and therefore uniquely qualified to review your environment and provide you with a comprehensive look at your existing infrastructure.

As part of our serve we will provide you with diagrams and description of your network(s) and point out areas for improvement in relation to industry best practices.