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Powerful Communications Collaboration: To and From the Edge

Mutualink and Alliance are working together to make communications interoperability a reality between disparate organizations nationwide and internationally. The Mutualink applications allow users to create networked communities in an instant and generally when time is of the essence – in emergent and critical situations. These networked communities can share voice, text, radio, video, data and telephone communications in a secure environment independent of location or distance. Mutualink offers are designed and a perfect fit for enterprises such as:
  • All levels of local, state and federal government
  • Fire, police, and EMS
  • Hospitals
  • Critical infrastructure such as utilities
  • Schools and universities
  • School buses and mass transit
  • Airports, ports and shipping
Mutualink’s secure peer to peer Internet Protocol (IP) Network eliminates single points of failure and the need for a central “switch.” The easy-to-use click and drag GUI makes bringing communities of interest together for an event simple to do. The application intelligence also allows a user to have control over their radio and other communication resources so they can accept or reject invitations and exit incidents at their discretion.

Mutualink and Alliance can now provide affordable community-wide participation and robust emergency communications in a hosted or onsite basis. The offers are perfect for organizations of any size whether a major metropolitan enterprise or a smaller, rural government entity.

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