Solutions Partners (L-R)


Outstanding Performance and Design Flexibility

Today’s customers require robust storage solutions to meet their diverse needs–from the hand-held to the data center. LSI is addressing this demand with an industry-leading product portfolio that includes a complete line of SAS/SATA adapter solutions ranging from HBAs and entry-level RAID to value- and feature-line RAID. We offer 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel systems, our SerDes (serializer/deserializer) transceiver core for OEM storage and SAN applications, read channels, preamplifiers, motor controllers, hard disk controllers and firmware. We also provide highly integrated, high-performance storage SoCs (system-on-chip).

With LSI technology and Alliance our customers get the performance and design flexibility they need to achieve outstanding storage capacity, speed, reliability and power savings. We have a long-standing leadership position in all segments of the storage market including:

  • Mobile, desktop and enterprise disk drive electronics
  • Custom silicon solutions for storage and SAN infrastructure devices
  • Storage standard components and adapters for servers
  • Modular storage systems for enterprises and mid-sized businesses
  • Storage for fixed and portable consumer electronics devices