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High-speed capture solutions combined with innovative hardware

Packet capture, or "packet sniffing," technology was born out of the need to know exactly what is happening on your network.

It has grown to include a number of applications from analyzing network performance problems to cyber security.

Lately, the need for even more advanced uses, such as high-volume data ingestion to drive big data analytics for security and network visibility, has pushed the industry to its limits.

As a result of this application explosion, a large number of packet capture products have hit the market. Though the technology is ever evolving, there are a number of limitations associated with current packet capture options.


Data Breaches Visualized

Companies spend billions of dollars on cyber security measures, only to discover that yet another clever hacker ring has managed to breach the company's complex firewalls and steal millions of customer credit card numbers

Home Depot, the US Postal Service, EBay and Adobe are just a few of the victims of this ever growing epidemic that the cyber security industry is struggling to keep up with.

Website "Information is Beautiful" has created a regularly-updated graphical representation of the biggest corporations hit by the rise of cyber intrusion

is a useful reference to keep you aware of what to watch out for, helping to arm yourself against cyber intrusion.

Booz Allen Hamilton's Top Financial Services Cybersecurity Trends for 2015

  • Active cyber risk mitigation and monitoring with third party partners
  • The rise of "fusion centers," for more efficient threat mitigation
  • Protection of information at the database and data element level
  • Focus on reducing risk in new electronic, wireless payment systems
  • Cyber crime analysis evolves away from brute force to big data
  • Hacktivism spreads to the Middle East
  • "Western" cyber problems become prominent in developing nations
  • Firms will borrow from military wargaming to adopt better approaches to preparation and simulation training
  • Companies that manage privacy well will create a competitive advantage through customer loyalty and insight
  • Cyber insurance usage will grow while coverage and the ability to successfully make claims shrinks

The Problems

  • Recording large amounts of binary packet data is useless unless it's indexed so you can find what you need.
  • Without the ability to query while recording, you have to stop packet recording to retrieve what you're looking for.
  • Despite using the standard pcap file format, single vendor solutions are often information silos which lock up your valuable data so you can't offload it to other tools.
  • Homemade solutions are unreliable under peak network load conditions.
  • Custom builds are too expensive.
  • All-in-one solutions rarely have adequate storage.
  • Limited and inflexible search functions can't be configured for your specific needs.
  • Search and capture operations are too slow.
  • High-speed packet capture usually requires large, bulky hardware with no portable solutions.
  • These problems limit both the function and the accessibility of packet capture solutions.

The Solution

Enter Alliance’s Enterprise Packet Capture solutions; cost-effective, open network packet capture appliances, with performance features unmatched in the industry.

These powerful, enterprise-class packet capture products integrate with your choice of 3rd party or open-source tools for high-speed packet capture in flexible turn-key systems.

Deep visibility into network problems is now attainable for any size organization. A number of key features make this possible:

  • Unique form factors to suit any environment
  • Scalable capture speeds up to 10G, 20G or 40G (Gbps)
  • Advanced data compression to amplify local storage and NAS and reduce storage costs
  • In-line compression of extracted data to minimize network bandwidth for data transfer
  • Published, deterministic response times, under conditions of full load
  • Federated search across multiple network ports, and even across multiple Continuum PCAP appliances
  • REST interface and UI is fully open
  • CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux compatible

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