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Building a Smarter Network

Enterprise Networks

There is a fundamental shift in the Enterprise campus to move away from a static infrastructure where users, devices and applications are locked to physical cubes, wiring closets, and server racks. A smarter network removes these physical barriers and takes advantage of the expanding mobility of these users, devices and applications, and through collaboration, delivers the best "user experience" for:

  • Network users
  • Network managers
Smart Connectivity for the Enterprise: User, Device, Location and Presence Awareness

A majority of IT resources today are spent reacting to network events and help desk calls, with very little time spent proactively managing the network for efficiency and growth. Extreme Networks moves beyond the traditional static network, enabling smart enterprises to proactively manage their business operations, maintain business continuity, and enhance user productivity and IT manageability while applying on-demand network performance for business-critical applications.

As a result, Extreme Networks delivers unprecedented network visibility, mobility, and control that enable businesses to successfully deploy a converged, smarter network. A smarter network enables location and presence awareness of users, devices and applications through automation, identity management, role-based networking, network virtualization, and ease of deployment through zero-touch configuration. The next generation of network intelligence is embedded within Extreme Networks smart enterprise solutions to achieve plug-and-play, resilient, and secured connectivity at a lower cost of ownership.