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Architect and deploy the right storage solution for your organization

When designing, deploying, or expanding your storage infrastructure, determining your core requirements and having an understanding of the solutions available is critical to success.  The following list represents several items that may need to be considered when planning:
  • Snapshots
  • Replication
  • Storage are network design (FC, iSCSI or  FCoE)
  • Network attached storage design and deployment
  • LUN and volume layout
  • RAID and HA strategy
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy
  • Security strategy
  • Storage management strategies
  • Data migration strategy
The Alliance Technology Group team of experts know which questions to ask to assist you in developing your requirements and designing a disk solution that will best meet your business needs.  We have a proven history of implementing successful storage solutions using best in class technologies coupled with our expert engineering group.  Our goal is to assist our customers in developing innovative, high-value solutions.  Each environment has unique needs, and our extensive experience allows us to work with our customers to develop solutions that leverage products that will best meet their requirements, as well as offer the highest level of integration and value.

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