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Data Protection and Archive

Is your organization prepared for a major network outage, a significant power loss, stolen or misplaced laptop or the accidental deletion of data?

An organization’s information is a critical asset in today’s competitive business environment. Building an infrastructure to store this asset that is reliable, cost efficient and automated is a major objective for most companies. In addition, most organizations are being tasked with the burden to cost effectively handle the tremendous amount of data growth and retention requirements, while dealing with budget constraints.

Data protection and archive solutions allow an organization to feel confident that their vital data is stored properly, cost efficiently and recoverable in a moment’s notice.  Through the use of tiered disk and tape solutions, organizations meet compliance needs, retain and recover data in a timely manner, along with using encryption methods to safely transfer data from one location to another.

Several of the key benefits associated with data protection and archive solutions:

  • Meet Compliance Regulations
  • Efficient Short and Long Term Data Retention
  • Faster Backups and More Reliable Data Recovery
  • Simplified Data Protection of Applications, Systems and Data
Alliance Technology Group has a history of implementing successful data protection and archive solutions using best in class technologies, and our expert engineering group.  Out goal is to assist our customers in developing innovative, high-value solutions.  Each environment has unique needs, and our extensive experience allows us to work with our customers to develop solutions that leverage products that will best meet their requirements, as well as offer a high level of integration and value.

When designing data deduplication solutions we are able to utilize the following manufacturers products:

EMC2 IBM hp Oracle Commvault NetApp Quantum Symantec