Enterprise Services Implementation

Data Migration

When it is time to change, how do you do it?

The good news about data storage and data storage products is that there is always something new and better coming along. However, taking advantage of it can be problematic. For example, vendor X comes out with a cheaper, faster, better disk storage device and you are in the market to add to, or upgrade what you have. The challenge becomes moving the data from one flavor to another without disruption. Sometimes, the requirement is simply from like to like but the challenge to do it seamlessly is still there.

Alliance Technology Group partners with all the major storage vendors and therefore we have a better understanding of these challenges than our competitors. We also have access to all the various tools for data migration so we can use the one best suited to your situation. Along with the tools we have the capability and experience to make it happen in the least amount of time with the least interruption.

We understand the built in mechanisms that some vendors have and we know how to maximize their effectiveness. We understand and can anticipate potential roadblocks eliminating them or having a work around before they become a roadblock. We know how to migrate data efficiently so that your new environment is optimized for performance and capacity. Consolidation and maximum utilization are always in our minds as we do the migration. Upon completion, your storage management burden will be lessened not only by your upgrade but also by the expertise that was applied to the migration.

Our engineers have years of experience with data storage devices, let us apply our knowledge and our experience to your problem.