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Data Domain

Data Domain makes data storage more efficient and affordable

Data Domain systems and solutions help customers reduce or eliminate the use of tape infrastructures with a very efficient disk- and network-based data protection alternative. Today, Data Domain customers are expanding the use of their systems to include a broad range of nearline workloads and use cases beyond data protection. In essence, Data Domain deduplication storage represents a new generation of data versioning and replication efficiency. Data Domain is focused on bringing new storage and network efficiencies to the enterprise data storage arena on a single, integrated product platform to improve storage economics and simplify data management for its customers.

How? Data deduplication.

Using the company's high-speed inline deduplication technology, Data Domain systems identify redundant files and data as they are being stored, creating a storage footprint that is 10x-30x smaller on average than the original dataset. Originally an ideal solution for backup and disaster recovery applications, customers are now deploying Data Domain deduplication storage more broadly as a storage tier including nearline file storage, backup, disaster recovery (DR) and long term retention of enterprise data for reference, litigation support and regulatory compliance.

As enterprise data continues to expand exponentially, customers face the costly challenge of storing and managing all that information. As the leading provider of deduplication storage systems, Data Domain helps enterprises continue to realize dramatic cost and efficiency improvements, minimize reliance upon tape technology and meet stringent DR guidelines.

Retain. Replicate. Recover.

Data Domain delivers the performance, reliability and scalability to address the nearline storage needs of enterprises across the globe. Its products include the award-winning DDX Array Series, Appliance Series and Gateway Series—each of which massively reduce data volume, reducing capacity requirements for online data retention. All Data Domain systems are simple to deploy and offer customers the flexibility of NAS or VTL (virtual tape library) interfaces.

As data is deduplicated, Data Domain Replicator software moves only the unique new data segments across the Wide Area Network (WAN), for DR, remote office data protection and multi-site tape consolidation. Replicated files are safely off-site and can now be recovered in seconds or minutes, without needing to locate, transport or mount a tape.

In addition, these systems offer advanced levels of continuous data verification and integrity through Data Domain's proprietary Data Invulnerability Architecture, which includes RAID-6 protection. These extra measures of protection are designed to ensure that stored data is accurate and recoverable.

Data Domain systems are compatible with the leading backup, archive and enterprise applications, so integration into existing infrastructures is fast and seamless.

Thousands of enterprise customers around the world have purchased Data Domain systems. Data Domain is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.