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ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) – Fast and Simple

Coraid Inc. is a United States based company that designs and manufactures a full line of computer data storage products branded under the trade name EtherDrive storage.  EtherDrive storage products provide enterprises of all sizes with a flexible tier of high performance Ethernet SAN storage.  Coraid has been selling its products since 2004 delivering the fundamental building blocks for scaling out storage projects for virtualization, disaster recovery, high-performance computing, and cloud storage.

EtherDrive storage is a trusted brand used by thousands of customers in business sectors including manufacturing, life sciences, software services, healthcare, education, financial services, government agencies, military organizations, and hosting companies.

Technology Leadership

Coraid developed the ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) networked storage protocol and made it open source in 2003.  AoE is a simple way to move disk storage out of your servers and onto an Ethernet storage network. With AoE, disk read/write requests are placed directly into Ethernet frames/packets.  AoE packets don’t need TCP/IP so they are easy to process.

AoE has been part of the open source Linux operating system since 2005, and is used by computer software and hardware companies around the world.

Ethernet SAN

EtherDrive storage is a fast and simple alternative to iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN technologies. EtherDrive storage uses the AoE protocol enabling Ethernet SAN.  

EtherDrive storage can be accessed and shared by any server/host computer attached to the storage network.  Disks inside EtherDrive storage appliances are usually assembled into RAID volumes and presented as block storage LUNs.  Servers discover and mount EtherDrive LUNs by using a low cost Host Bus Adapter (HBA) and software driver.  The HBA driver presents an EtherDrive LUN, to the host OS, as a local SCSI disk drive.