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Traditional data filing architectures and systems were not designed with the needs of large, hyper scaled, machined generated and globally distributed content in mind. New Big Data Solutions are necessary when data grow to billions of files consuming Petabytes of capacity, all of which must be quickly and efficiently shared, stored and managed.

Alliance Technology Group offers purpose engineered Big Data solutions that provide novel technologies and solutions that can allow for the efficient processing of massively large quantities of unstructured and machine generated data, while offering transformative cost economics..

When designing a solution to meet the demanding needs of Big Data, Alliance Technology Group has a team of industry experts who can help design a solution that meets your specific challenges and market opportunity. All storage solutions are not created equal.

There are many variables and complexities involved for creating a Big Data enterprise solution:

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SGI and Alliance Mission Tested Solutions


  • Self-identifying name space, data in any environment
  • Location independent data - mobile, flexible, containerized data, anywhere, anytime
  • Applications very close to data or embedded
  • Elimination of RAID
  • Application access through data abstraction layer
  • Object versus file storage

TCO Reduction:

  • Self-Healing
  • Architected to invisibly and constantly move data to newer and cheaper technologies
  • Enhanced I/O
  • Self-Managing
  • Enhanced I/O and Connections
  • Accelerator Kernels
  • Search fabric
  • Universality of data concepts

Technology enablers:

  • Containerizing Techniques
  • Improved data compression
  • Abstraction layers between storage and applications
  • Cloud fabrics
  • Syntax

Big Data: Petabytes Plus:

  • Object Storage: Storage via clumps of data (imagery style) vice files
  • Containerized: Location independent storage
  • Machine Generated data: Sensors, cameras, video, measuring tools