Enterprise Services Implementation

Application Integration Services

Improving the odds of a Successful Enterprise Application Deployment

Considering most (80%) deployments end with a failure to provide any real business value, is there anything you can do to improve those odds?  One major challenge of EAI is trying to link together disparate operating systems, databases, computer languages and legacy systems, which greatly increase the chances for failure.

Gartner Group defines EAI as the “unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in the enterprise.”  Our Application Integration services enable an integration of systems and applications across your enterprise utilizing specific middleware technologies to accomplish your business needs.  Applications such as Supply Change Managements, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligences, Human Resource Systems, Identity Management and more can be effectively linked together to simplify and automate business processes.

Alliance Technology Group has experts to provide Assessment and Planning, Establish a Governance Model, Design an Integration Architecture, Provide Deployment Services and Monitor/Maintain the integrated environment.  Our experts will utilize best practices and utilize specialized tool sets to make Application Integration go smoothly and provide optimal business value.

Let Alliance Technology Group be your partner in Enterprise Application Integration to mitigate risk and avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure to achieve your business requirements.