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HP 3PAR Cloud Computing Solutions: Incredibly Simple Storage

Power Your Cloud with HP 3PAR Utility Storage

HP 3PAR Utility Storage offers unique benefits for cloud computing deployments that make any organization more agile and efficient and deliver a level of security that many traditional storage solutions simply can’t match. Whether you’re a large enterprise looking to build a private cloud, a hosting provider looking to improve your time to revenue, or a small- or medium-sized business looking to reduce CAPEX, there is a cloud computing solution powered by 3PAR technology purpose-built for your specific needs.

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With 3PAR as the storage foundation for your cloud services, you will:

  • Create value-added, high margin services.
  • Improve time to revenue.
  • Assure service levels.
  • Manage unpredictable growth.
  • Reduce capacity requirements by 50%- guaranteed.
  • Enable data security and compliance.
Find out exactly which HP 3PAR cloud computing solution is right for you. Are you an: 3PAR Utility Storage for the Virtual Datacenter

Looking to build your own private cloud? HP 3PAR Utility Storage makes it all possible. Our arrays work together with other virtualized technologies like server virtualization from VMware™ to help you build a complete virtual data center.

By combining HP 3PAR Utility Storage with HP c-Class blade servers and server virtualization technologies, you can lower TCO, align your costs with IT and business goals, and rapidly adapt to the unpredictable to improve project ROI.

Consolidate applications to your virtualized infrastructure without disrupting performance. Eliminate the impact that sequential workloads like data mining and backups can have on transactional workloads such as databases. Improve capacity utilization and reduce capacity requirements, energy costs, and administration

Hosted Cloud-Based Services Powered by 3PAR

Outsource your infrastructure needs to an HP 3PAR Cloud-Agile Partner and evolve to a more scalable and agile operating model. HP 3PAR Cloud-Agile Partners are an elite group of service providers that have made a significant investment in 3PAR technology, retain specially trained staff, and maintain close alliances with 3PAR to offer you the most innovative, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud-based services available today.

Power Your Cloud with HP 3PAR Utility Storage

Quickly adapt to the unpredictable, improve your book-to-bill ratio, and align costs to revenue by powering your cloud-based service offerings with 3PAR Utility Storage—the most agile storage platform available and the one chosen by 7 of the world’s top 10 managed service providers. Lower your storage TCO by up to 50%. Save up to 75% on facilities and infrastructure costs. Reduce storage administration time by up to 90%. Get agile and efficient with the only storage platform built for cloud computing.